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EV charger installation
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If you wish to arrange EV charger installation in Bromley for your home or business property, we can help. The knowledge and experience possessed by our team allows us to carry out a high-quality installation to your specifications. We are trusted partners of leading manufacturers including Wallbox, Easee, and Hypervolt to name a few, so we can offer our support in helping you choose the right option for your property. Residents and businesses in Bromley and the wider South London area have already had electrical car charger installations carried out and have been impressed with the results. We have already visited properties along Sherman Road nearby to Bromley North station, as well as Mead Way by Norman Park to carry out fitting, so your property could be next.

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EV charger home installation in Bromley

We can carry out home installation at your property in Bromley, with a quick and simple installation process to allow you to charge your electric vehicle as soon as possible. Our process involves providing you with a survey to complete online, so that we can collect all the information we need for installation to take place. You have a wide range of home electric vehicle charging solutions to consider from multiple different manufacturers, so we can provide you with a quote for installation that suits your preferences. Once agreed, we arrange installation at a time that suits you and your family, and minimal disturbance is caused throughout the installation process. Power in your home will be unaffected for 90% of the installation time.


EV charger commercial installation in Bromley

Our team also carry out commercial property charging point installation in Bromley. If you operate a large business fleet of vehicles and are looking to go electric, or you wish to provide workplace electric vehicle charging for clients and employees, we can manage installation at your premises. We possess the necessary qualifications and experience to manage this process. This involves load managing to evenly distribute power through multiple charging points so that each vehicle charges at the same speed. Our fully qualified team follow all rules and regulations to work safely at your premises, which also involves carrying out a full risk assessment. You can have peace of mind that we will carry out a comprehensive installation.

What EV chargers do we install in Bromley?

We can install an EV charger of your choosing at your Bromley property, as recognised installers for a wide range of reputable manufacturers, including:


  • 7kW
  • Load Management (standard)
  • No earth rod required
  • Mobile control and smart app as standard
  • Your choice of type 1 or type 2 cable
  • Tariff/scheduled charging mode
  • 5, 7.5 or 10 mtr tethered options
  • Eligible for OZEV grant
  • 3-year warranty as standard

From £1,045


  • 7kW
  • Integrated RCD
  • Smart App
  • Stylish design
  • No earth rod required
  • Integrated SIM card
  • Wifi and 4G connectivity
  • Compatible with all Type 2 electric cars
  • 3-year warranty

From £1,045


  • 7kW
  • Tethered lead as standard
  • No earth rod required
  • Load management (extra)
  • Smart app
  • Wifi or Bluetooth connectivity
  • Your choice of type 1 or type 2 cable
  • 5m or 7m optional cable length
  • 3-year warranty

From £995


  • 7kW
  • Smart hub
  • No earth rod required
  • Solar and battery storage integration
  • Load management (standard)
  • Smart app
  • Pincode protected
  • Timer option for variable energy tariffs
  • 3-year warranty

From £1095

Simpson & Partners

  • 7kW
  • Tethered and untethered options
  • Built in PEN loss protection
  • Smart App
  • 126 colour combinations
  • Durable but stylish design
  • Compatible with all hybrid and electric vehicles
  • Smart Home Energy Management System
  • 3-year warranty

From £1045


  • 7kW
  • Tethered or untethered
  • Load management
  • Smart app
  • Integrated SIM card
  • No earth rod required
  • Interactive LCD screen
  • Compatible with all Type 2 electric cars
  • 3-year warranty

From £995

How much will your EV charger installation in Bromley cost?

Our EV charger installation services in Bromley can cater to your budget. With many factors that affect the overall cost of installation, we can offer our assistance finding something that suits you. One of the factors that affects cost is which manufacturer you opt for, as prices of chargers can vary between each one. Cost can also depend on the type of charger you prefer – tethered or untethered – and the vehicle that you own. We can take into consideration your preferences before recommending the best option. We also make you aware of OZEV grants that are available to help you further save on installation.

Fully qualified EV charger electricians in Bromley

Our experience, combined with the training that our team have received, makes us the right choice for EV installation at your Bromley property. We possess level 3 electrical qualifications, with specific training undertaken in electric vehicles. You can rest assured that all necessary precautions will be taken when working at your property to guarantee an installation of the highest quality.

What makes us the right EV charger company for you in Bromley?

We carry out EV charger installation of the highest quality at properties in Bromley, making sure the process is as straightforward as possible. Find out why we are the right choice for you:

Attention to detail

We only install EV chargers from reputable manufacturers, using premium components to complete the installation. This helps to ensure you will get maximum use from your charger and you can expect it to last for years to come.

Personal service

With the knowledge and experience that we possess, we can provide our advice to you to help you make the right choice for EV charger installation. We also help you take advantage of grants or alternative payment options to suit your budget.

Range of options

We have become recognised installers for some of the leading manufacturers, which means there is no shortage of EV chargers for you to choose from. It doesn’t matter what type of electric vehicle you have, or your preference of charger type, we will have something for you.

Easy installation process

Regardless of whether we are installing an EV charger for company use or personal use, we follow the same straightforward installation process. You can complete an online survey to provide us with the details we need, then once installation is booked in, it can take place with minimal disturbance caused.


For any questions relating to EV charging for your Bromley property, take a look at our FAQs.

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