EV charge point installation for your workplace

Electric car charging
points for business

With an increasing number of electric vehicles on the road, we provide electric car charging points for businesses of all types to help you cater to the needs of your workforce or clients. Whether you require multiple charging points for your business fleet of vehicles or you want to upgrade the car park at your premises to provide EV chargers for company employees or clients, we can provide the electric vehicle charging solutions you require. The knowledge and experience in our team allows us to install multiple charge points quickly and effectively at your workplace to the highest standard. We’ll help you meet the demand for EV charging at your business.

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If you are interested in arranging a workplace electric vehicle charging point installation for your company, get in contact with us today by leaving your details in our online form. You can also email office@evcinstalls.co.uk and expect a 24-hour response.


Real Stories, Real Results: Commercial EV Charging Installation Experiences

Find out what you can expect from an EV charge point installation at your property by our team.

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Why choose an EV charger for your business?

One of the many benefits of installing EV charge points at your business premises is that you can begin to see a return on your investment. By charging for use of charging points in your car park, this can help you to start paying back this initial cost. Plus, you’ll benefit from an additional revenue stream for your business. There are also workplace and infrastructure grants available.

Where can we install commercial EV charging points?

We can install EV charge points at a wide variety of different commercial premises. Whether you have a large fleet of electric vehicles that require regular charging so your workforce can travel between jobs, or you want to cater to the needs of employees or clients at your office, we can provide effective turnkey charging solutions. Our on-site survey process will allow us to assess your site to advise you on the most suitable charging points for your business.

The commercial EV charger installation process

We follow a similar process with both domestic and business EV charger installations, ensuring consistent quality with every charging point. Find out how:

How do we carry out commercial EV charge point installations?

With every commercial project, our fully qualified team must assess your commercial premises and ensure power can be balanced correctly between multiple charging points. We also carry out a full risk assessment to guarantee that we will work safely on your property and will put all necessary precautions in place. Taking these important steps ensures the most comprehensive installation possible, so that you can begin charging a fleet of commercial vehicles without delay, or your employees and clients can charge their vehicles safely on your premises.

Why choose us for commercial electric car charging installations?

We are the right choice to install commercial property charging points at your business. The skills that our highly trained team bring to every installation set us apart.

Attention to detail

With the experience that each member of our team possesses, we adopt a careful approach when installing commercial property charging points. Our team will carry out a full survey of your business premises and will make sure that each charge point is set up to suit the needs of your clients and workforce.

Personal service

As part of our service, we can talk you through all the options available to you, helping you to understand which setup will be most beneficial for your business. We can recommend a suitable charging solution based on your requirements, and we are easy to contact to answer any of your questions.

Range of options

Being a recognised installer for leading EV charge point manufacturers, you will have a wide range of different EV charging points to choose from for your business. Whether you are looking for a more cost-effective option or a premium charge point, we will have something suitable for you.

Easy installation process

We will get you booked in as soon as possible so that your charging points are ready for use. Once you have been booked in for installation, we make sure that our team will cause minimal disturbance to your business whilst fitting your charging points.

Arrange your EV charge point installation

If you would like to get booked in for an EV charge point installation at your commercial premises, discuss it with our team today. Email office@evcinstalls.co.uk so that we can provide you with a quote.