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EV charger installation
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You can rely on us to complete high-quality electric vehicle charging solutions in Dartford. We have over four decades of experience working in the industry, making us the perfect choice to carry out an installation at your home or business property. Reliable manufacturers have recognised us for our standard of work, so you can be sure that our electric car charger installations will be made from the best materials and will be built to last. Our professional team have assisted many customers in Dartford with choosing the right EV charger for them, based on their budget and property requirements. We have completed plenty of installations in Dartford, from Wilmington near Wilmington Grammar School to Littlebrook Manor Way near Temple Hill. Our outstanding results have seen us receive numerous glowing reviews from the community in Dartford.

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Our feedback from customers in Dartford is something we are proud of. Here’s what you can expect when you choose us for your EV install…

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EV charger home installation in Dartford

Our professional team have completed installations within homes across Dartford. We do everything we can to ensure your electric car charger installation is free of stress. As soon as you let us know you’ve chosen us to complete your project, we’ll use our online software to issue you a survey which gives us the information we need to provide a quote. We’ve been doing this for years – we can recommend the best choice of EV charger for you before scheduling an installation on your next convenient date. We won’t disrupt your power during our work, other than a 10-15-minute window where an outage will be necessary to complete the final connections. You can be safe in the knowledge that we’ll work efficiently and effectively.


EV charger commercial installation in Dartford

If you need a commercial property charging point at your Dartford workplace, our services are what you are looking for. We specialise in business EV charger installations, whether you need EV charge for company cars or employee vehicles. Even if you need more than one EV charger to cover your business fleet, we will get the job done effectively. We are experts in power balancing, guaranteeing that output is spread evenly across your charging points. When you work with us, you can rest assured that all necessary safety rules are being strictly adhered to while we perform your installation.

What EV chargers do we install in Dartford?

We have a wide range of electric vehicle charging solutions for you to choose from. We are recognised installers for several top manufacturers, such as:


  • 7kW
  • Load Management (standard)
  • No earth rod required
  • Mobile control and smart app as standard
  • Your choice of type 1 or type 2 cable
  • Tariff/scheduled charging mode
  • 5, 7.5 or 10 mtr tethered options
  • Eligible for OZEV grant
  • 3-year warranty as standard

From £1,045


  • 7kW
  • Integrated RCD
  • Smart App
  • Stylish design
  • No earth rod required
  • Integrated SIM card
  • Wifi and 4G connectivity
  • Compatible with all Type 2 electric cars
  • 3-year warranty

From £1,045


  • 7kW
  • Tethered lead as standard
  • No earth rod required
  • Load management (extra)
  • Smart app
  • Wifi or Bluetooth connectivity
  • Your choice of type 1 or type 2 cable
  • 5m or 7m optional cable length
  • 3-year warranty

From £995


  • 7kW
  • Smart hub
  • No earth rod required
  • Solar and battery storage integration
  • Load management (standard)
  • Smart app
  • Pincode protected
  • Timer option for variable energy tariffs
  • 3-year warranty

From £1095

Simpson & Partners

  • 7kW
  • Tethered and untethered options
  • Built in PEN loss protection
  • Smart App
  • 126 colour combinations
  • Durable but stylish design
  • Compatible with all hybrid and electric vehicles
  • Smart Home Energy Management System
  • 3-year warranty

From £1045


  • 7kW
  • Tethered or untethered
  • Load management
  • Smart app
  • Integrated SIM card
  • No earth rod required
  • Interactive LCD screen
  • Compatible with all Type 2 electric cars
  • 3-year warranty

From £995

How much will your EV charger installation in Dartford cost?

If you are intrigued about the cost of an EV charger installation in Dartford, think about what contributes to the overall outlay. Certain devices are pricier than others, based on which manufacturer made it and what style the charger is. We will aid you in finding the perfect option to fit your budget, without changing the fact that you will receive a quality, sturdy EV charger. We will address any OZEV grants you could have available to you.

Fully qualified EV charger electricians in Dartford

We are fully qualified EV charger installers, on top of our extensive experience. All our team have completed intense EV installation training, and every member has level 3 electrical qualifications. This means we are aware of the risk assessments we must undertake for commercial work, and the fact that all safety regulations must be respected to the letter. Regardless of whether you are after a home or workplace electric vehicle charging solution, you can rest assured that you are receiving the highest quality service on the market in Dartford.

What makes us the right EV charger company for you in Dartford?

Our customer-oriented approach and high standard of installations make us the best option for your home in Dartford. Find out what to expect from our team of experts.

Attention to detail

Built using only the most premium components, our EV chargers are provided by highly respected manufacturers. You can get ready for an addition which will increase the value of your property and has been designed with longevity in mind.

Personal service

We do everything in our power to make sure you are delighted with your new EV charger. We will consider any OZEV grants you may be eligible for, as well as your budget restrictions, when we give you a charger recommendation.

Range of options

As we work closely with established manufacturers, we have a wide range of EV chargers for you to choose from. We will complete an installation which meets your specifications, taking your vehicle type and preference for a tethered or untethered charger under consideration.

Easy installation process

We want our installation process to be as convenient as it can be for our clients. That’s the reason we use an online survey to harvest all the information we need to perform a quick installation.


If you want more information about the charger installations we provide in Dartford, here are some of our commonly asked questions.

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