Adaptable battery storage solutions

Solar panel battery storage

Solar panel battery storage collects the energy that your solar panels generate when you’re not at home. This will allow you to use this electricity when you need it, helping you to cut expensive electricity bills. A battery storage unit can also be particularly beneficial if you are on a variable energy tariff, storing electricity from the grid when prices are lower so that you can use it at peak times.

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0% VAT on battery storage for solar panels

If you are considering battery storage for solar PV, there has never been a better time to have solar panels installed at the same time. There is 0% VAT on renewable energy systems until 2027. This will also cover a battery storage unit if it is supplied as part of a solar panel installation at your property. You won’t be able to benefit from this offer if a battery is installed as a standalone product, so it is worth your while to take advantage and maximise your savings.


Installing solar panels + battery storage

To maximise the energy efficiency of your home, it is worthwhile to arrange solar home battery storage alongside solar panels. When you aren’t using your power at home, this unit can store up the energy generated by your solar panels, so that it is ready for use when you need it. You can then benefit from this at busier times of the day when you may be using electrical appliances or an electric vehicle charging point.

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Our team of qualified experts are the right choice, helping you to get as much energy as possible from your solar panels.

Attention to detail

Our team will carry out a quality installation at your property. We use the best equipment available and high-quality components so that your new battery storage unit will operate with maximum efficiency.

Personal service

We can offer our expertise and assistance to help you make the right decision for your property. Once we have understood your requirements, we can recommend the right battery storage unit for you.

Range of options

Our team are fully qualified and can install battery storage units of all types. Regardless of the manufacturer or the capacity of the storage system you opt for, we have you covered.

Easy installation process

We will adapt to your requirements, whether you have existing solar panels or not. Our team will ensure the installation is convenient and causes minimal disruption.

Retrofitting battery storage systems

If you already have solar panels installed at your property, we can carry out installation of a battery storage unit to allow you to store excess energy. Our battery storage experts will be able to retrofit a battery storage unit in your property and connect it to your solar panels. This ensures that none of the energy they generate is wasted.

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