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5 benefits of workplace electric vehicle charging

Installing electric vehicle charging points at your workplace can not only benefit your employees and clients, but it can also help your business take steps towards a cleaner future. To reduce your carbon footprint and give your business a greener image, electric vehicle charging points can benefit you for years to come. The convenience and productivity benefits this could have make electric vehicle charging points a worthwhile investment. Find out more about the positive impact they can have on your workplace.

Convenient charging

The convenience of having charging points on site for you and your employees to use cannot be underestimated. As well as having the option to charge their vehicles at home, having the option to charge at the workplace can save employees for searching for charging stations in the area and save them time. This eliminates the concern that range limitations can pose and reduces the risk of them running out of power and being left stranded. By charging during office hours, employees can rest assured that their vehicle is fully charged for the end of the working day.

Improves productivity

Small changes can often have a positive impact on productivity within the workplace. Charging points at your workplace can benefit your employees by saving them the time and worry of finding a free charging point in a public place. With this concern resolved, your employees are more likely to arrive on time or even earlier than usual. They could even work longer whilst waiting for their electric vehicle to complete a full charge. They could also feel more valued by you the employer as you are providing this additional amenity for them to make the most of.

Attracting employees

Not only will having charging points installed keep your current employees happy, but it will also be appealing to potential new employees. If they are to visit your workplace, seeing these facilities available for them to use will be appealing and could give you the edge over other potential employers. Modern facilities are particularly important when recruiting new employees, and it will also make you appear like an environmentally conscious company.

Reducing your carbon footprint

Installing EV chargers may encourage your employees to become more conscious of their carbon footprint. Seeing these chargers and having access them can encourage employees to consider an electric vehicle, as they will have a safe and convenient place to charge it. Not only that, but if your EV charging points are powered by solar panels, they will emit as much as 90% less harmful emissions. Across your staff this can make a considerable difference to your business’s environmental impact.

Government grants

As a business looking to install electric vehicle charging points, you can take advantage of the government Workplace Charging Scheme for your premises. This is a voucher-based scheme that provides you with support towards the upfront costs of EV charging points. This can reduce the initial costs of installation and allows electric vehicle charging points to become a more affordable idea for your business.

If you are a business owner and are considering electric vehicle charging points for your workplace, our team at EVC Electrical Installations can help. We are fully qualified to carry out installation and can ensure that your business can benefit from charging points as soon as possible. If you would like to discuss installation with us, give us a call on 01322 761101 or email We would be happy to provide more information.