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Why go electric instead of upgrading to Euro 6?

In recent years, regulations on both petrol and diesel vehicles have become stricter in an attempt to slowly phase them out and speed up the transition to electric vehicles. This process is not yet complete, as both petrol and diesel vehicles are still a popular option. Newer vehicles have been manufactured to meet Euro 6 standards, which means they produce fewer emissions than older cars. Whilst you may be considering one of these petrol or diesel cars, it’s worthwhile to opt for an electric vehicle as your next upgrade due to running costs and other long-term benefits. Find out why an electric vehicle is the right choice…

Running costs

Although the initial cost of an electric vehicle may outweigh that of a Euro 6 compliant one, the reduced general running costs mean that you can expect to see long-term savings from your EV. Compared to the number of working parts on a petrol or diesel vehicle, there are fewer parts to receive wear and tear. As a result, less maintenance will be required when compared to an internal combustion engine (ICE), reducing general costs in the process. You can also expect day-to-day running costs to be significantly less, with the cost of a charge much lower than filling your car up with petrol or diesel.

Better air quality

Despite the fact that Euro 6 vehicles are more environmentally friendly and produce less emissions than older petrol and diesel vehicles, they are still more harmful for the environment than electric vehicles. An EV will produce 0 exhaust emissions and contribute no direct pollution to the atmosphere. Not only will this improve air quality for your area and beyond, but it will also help to reduce the effects of climate change.

Driving experience

The way in which electric vehicles operate means that they are a lot more quiet than petrol or diesel alternatives. This can allow you to enjoy a more smooth and peaceful driving experience. The power of an electric motor can also allow a smoother and more responsive driving experience than cars that run off fossil fuels. This can make an EV an attractive option as a family car, with more comfort offered to all occupants for the duration of your journey.

Improved range and infrastructure

In the past, many drivers had opted for petrol and diesel vehicles due to their vastly superior range compared to the frequent charging sessions that the first generation of electric vehicles required. However, this is no longer the case. Recently, advances in battery technology have allowed the range of electric vehicles to be drastically increased. We have also seen more investment from the government and businesses in charging point installation, and the number of charging points continues to grow across the country. With more fast charging points available, it is now more convenient than ever to charge your vehicle quickly and easily with minimal disruption to your day.

If you are considering switching to an electric vehicle, or have already made the decision, it’s important to install an EV charging point at your property as soon as possible. At EVC Electrical Installations, we make sure this process takes place hassle-free, with quick and easy installation so that you can charge your vehicle from home. If you want to discuss further or arrange and installation, get in contact with us today by calling 01322 761101 or emailing to find out more.