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MG Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Guide [2024]

Electric vehicles are getting more common day by day. Understanding how they work and charge for efficient use is very important. Due to the expanding charging infrastructure, charging your MG electric vehicle is easier than ever.

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Let us delve into this comprehensive guide to know all about charging your MG Electronic vehicle in 2024.

Understanding MG Electronic Vehicle Charging

MG electric vehicles come equipped with charging options. The most prevalent are AC Charging and DC Charging.

  • Standard AC Charging

    MG Electric vehicles are usually built-in with an AC charger. This charger allows you to charge from a standard household power outlet. The speed of this charger is slower than DC and takes around overnight or more to fully charge your battery.

  • DC Rapid Charging

    MG Electric Vehicles supports DC rapid charging. This charger allows you to charge your vehicle in less time compared to AC standard charging. Depending upon the voltage and power, you can charge it at the station or install a separate voltage outlet for fast charging.

MG Electric Vehicle Charging Time

The charging time of MG Electric Vehicle depends on several factors like battery capacity, charging, method and state of battery and charger. Here is the general average time:

  • Standard AC charging

    Charging an MG Electric Vehicle using a standard AC charger can take around 6 to 8 hours to charge from empty to full using a standard household charging point. However, this can vary based on the model, battery size and battery health.

  • DC Rapid Charging

    Charging an MG Electric Vehicle using a DC rapid charger can take around 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes, depending upon the charging station power output and model of the MG Electric Vehicle. On average, you can charge 80% of capacity in 30 minutes in high power outlet.

It is also important to note that the time chargers take can be influenced by external factors like temperature outside, battery and charging infrastructure capacity. For precise information, refer to your model-specific user manual.

MG Electric Vehicle Charging Point Installation

Installing a charging point is very crucial for MG Electric Vehicle owners. Here are a few points to consider before and while installing the charging point:

  1. Choose Right Location

    The first step for installing an MG Electric Vehicle charging point is to choose the right location. Select a place where you can easily park your car, has a power outlet, weather protection, and any other rules to be followed. Select the location carefully because you will be using it every day and night.

  2. Select Charging

    Based on your model’s compatibility and requirements, choose the right EV charging equipment. While choosing, check your house’s electric setup and power as well. There are various types of charging points available, such as 3 kW for slow charging and, 7-22 kW for fast charging, and 50 kW and above for rapid charging.

  3. Seek Professional Help

    It is essential to hire a qualified professional electrician to install your EV charging point safely and correctly. They should be trained and proficient in installing necessary wiring, accessing home electrical flow and how to mount chargers safely.

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  4. Government Grants

    In some parts of the UK, the government grants some subsidy or help to cover the cost of installing home EV charging points. Before making any final decision, please check with the local authorities and installing companies about the grant or concession.

  5. Permission

    Depending upon the type of your property and local jurisdiction, you may need to obtain some special permissions for the MG Electric Vehicle charging point. This can be permission from the planning committee, building regulations approval or your landlord’s consent.

  6. Future Needs

    While installing the MG Electric Vehicle Charging Point, consider your future needs as well. Potential upgrades, renovation of property, change in schedules or buying a new vehicle are few to name. Ensure your charging point is flexible with your future plans.

MG Electric Vehicle Charging Cost

The charging cost depends on various factors. Here is a breakdown of the factors influencing the cost of charging MG electric vehicles:

    • Electricity Rates

      The primary factor that affects the cost of charging is the rate of electricity in your area. Electricity rates vary depending on the energy provider, traffic structure and time of use. However, some of the energy suppliers give discounts if you charge your Electric vehicle during off-peak hours.

    • Charging Method

      The Charging method that you use will also impact the cost of charging. If you are charging at home with, using a standard AC charger is more cost-effective than charging using a public station. If at home you are using a fast or rapid charger of high voltage, then you will consume more units; therefore, a higher bill and cost can be seen.

    • Battery Capacity

      The size of your electric vehicle will determine the time it will require to fully charge therefore deciding the number of units consumed. Large batteries require more electricity to charge fully, whereas small batteries require less time and energy to charge fully.

    • Driving Habits

      Your driving habits and charging frequency also influence the charging costs. If you are regularly driving for long times and distances, you will be required to charge it frequently. This may cost you higher bills than someone who is commuting to a shorter distance.

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