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Get ahead with smart EV tariffs

As the world strives to reduce its carbon footprint, electric vehicles (EVs) have emerged as a sustainable solution for personal transportation. However, the transition to EVs comes with its own set of challenges, one of which is ensuring convenient and cost-effective charging. This is where smart EV charger tariffs like Octopus Go, Octopus Agile, and OVO come into play. These options don’t just simplify the charging process, they also make EV ownership more affordable and eco-friendly.

Understanding smart charging

Smart charging refers to the intelligent management of the charging process for electric vehicles. Unlike conventional chargers, smart chargers have the capability to communicate with the grid, adapt to varying electricity prices, and schedule charging to maximise cost savings and minimise environmental impact.

The power of smart tariffs

Smart tariffs are dynamic pricing plans offered by energy providers. They vary the cost of electricity based on factors such as time of day, demand, and even the source of energy. Popular options include Octopus Go, Octopus Agile, and OVO and offer several advantages:

  • Cost savings

    One of the primary benefits of smart charging is cost savings. You can charge your EV during off-peak hours when electricity prices are lower. For instance, Octopus Go offers a low, flat rate during nighttime hours, allowing you to charge your EV at a fraction of the cost compared to peak times.

  • Grid support

    Smart charging also helps alleviate strain on the electric grid. By encouraging EV owners to charge during non-peak hours, it reduces the risk of grid overload and minimises the need for costly grid upgrades.

  • Environmental impact

    Many smart tariffs take into account the source of electricity generation. By charging your EV when renewable energy sources like wind or solar are at their peak, you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

Exploring Octopus Go, Octopus Agile, and OVO

Let’s take a closer look at three notable smart charging solutions:

  • Octopus Go

    Octopus Go is a time-of-use tariff offered by Octopus Energy in the UK. It provides EV owners with a four-hour window of low-cost electricity during the night, typically from 12:30 AM to 4:30 AM.

  • Octopus Agile

    Octopus Agile is another dynamic pricing plan from Octopus Energy. Unlike Octopus Go, Agile’s rates change every half-hour based on the wholesale electricity market. Compatible chargers can automatically adjust charging times to take advantage of the lowest electricity prices, which can vary throughout the day.

  • OVO Energy

    OVO Energy, another prominent energy provider, also offers smart tariffs designed to work with smart EV chargers. OVO’s dynamic pricing plans enable you to align your EV charging with periods of low electricity demand, helping you save money and support a greener grid.

How to get started with smart charging

Getting started with smart charging and tariffs is relatively straightforward:

  • Choose the right tariff

    Begin by selecting a smart tariff from a provider like Octopus Energy or OVO. Ensure it aligns with your EV charging needs and preferences.

  • Install a compatible charger

    Invest in a smart EV charger that can communicate with your chosen tariff. Many providers offer their own chargers, but you can also find third-party options.

  • Set up automation

    Configure your charger to sync with your chosen tariff. This typically involves using a smartphone app or web portal to set charging schedules and preferences.

  • Monitor and adjust

    Regularly monitor your charging habits and adjust settings as needed to maximise cost savings and reduce your environmental impact.

Smart charging EV chargers like Octopus Go, Octopus Agile, and OVO are revolutionising the way people can charge their electric vehicles. By harnessing the power of smart tariffs and intelligent scheduling, these options not only make EV ownership more affordable but also contribute to a more sustainable future. As electric vehicle adoption continues to grow, embracing smart charging technology will be essential for a cleaner, more efficient transportation ecosystem. Want to learn more? Speak to an expert member of our team on 01322 761101 or